If you know a bookstore that you would us to review, please do tell us. You can write it in the comment section, or through our TWITTER account. Or send us an email at Thank you.


Si quieres que escribamos una reseña sobre alguna librería en especial, por favor dinos. Puedes escribirla en la sección de comentarios o en nuestra cuenta de TWITTER. O mándanos un correo a Muchas gracias.



4 thoughts on “Suggestions/sugerencias

  1. Great blog idea! I’m looking forward to returning to Mexico City next year and checking out my old favourite bookshops and visiting some new ones that I discover via your blog. Best wishes from Sydney, Australia.

    • Thank you, Peter, honestly. These kinds of comments make us feel really happy and satisfied, and we deeply appreciate them. Whenever we get the chance, we’ll try and expand our blog so we can write reviews about bookstores in other countries as well. Greetings.

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